12 steps to earn over 100K as a personal trainer... I did it! (How to)

How to Make 100K as a Personal Trainer
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Some other popular YouTube channels include:. Articles about side income jobs tend to focus exclusively on graphic design when discussing possible jobs in the art and design niche. Art and design are much broader than that. It encompasses painting, drawing, sketching, interior design and a myriad of other areas of creativity. Bich Ngoc Thi Nguyen, for instance, sells her ceramics and painting via her Instagram page bichnguyenart. You can do the same. All you need is a phone with a good camera and a collection of pieces that you can post pictures of.

How A Personal Trainer Starts A $100k Business In 3-Weeks

Companies and brands are making videos for social media, their website, landing pages and more. And if you want to learn to be an editor, you can learn from online courses or pros like Peter McKinnon on YouTube. Written content has become even more important in the 21 st century. Companies consistently hire ghostwriters to produce articles, books, white papers and other forms of content that can help them gain readers who become paying customers. If you love pets, chances are you can earn money by taking advantage of opportunities for pet sitting, dog walking, pet grooming, pet training, and the list goes on.

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If you love dogs as I do, this is easy money. Is there competition? Yes, of course, there is. However, there are so many innovative ways you can market your service as a dog walker. Ways that many dog walking businesses simply are not doing. Have you heard of Meetup. Start or join a dog hiking group and promote your service with your group. Dog parks are yet another way to market your services. I personally know a savvy marketer who runs a successful dog sitting business and she creates a cute little flyer and posts it inside the dog park. She finds numerous clients through this free promotional hack.

You could market your service with car magnets. While you drive around town, you can also promote your business. Growing your Yelp profile can be an excellent promotional tactic as well. Animal lovers will definitely want to see that you have impeccable reviews. Not to be outdone, teaching has made its mark as a hobby that makes money. There are some people who have a knack for getting people excited about learning. If this sounds like you then you can build a career as an online teacher using one of the following platforms:.

Recently craigslist started charging in some categories for posting ads. Related: Guide to selling on Craigslist. If you like Facebook, why not be a Facebook ad manager. All kinds of brands are using Facebook ads. You can start by promoting your services on Upwork. You can also create a blog and promote it on YouTube, Facebook groups and Pinterest.

This is competitive so you should pick up a sub-niche and specialize. If you practiced Karate or any other martial arts, you can certainly monetize this.


Turn your garage into a dojo and put your roundhouse kicking skills to work. You can teach small groups or offer private lessons. Although there are many dojos around most towns, finding adult only training centers are more difficult, so this could be a target market. If you have a talent for dancing, you can certainly turn this hobby into a money making opportunity.

Teach kids or adults, private or group lessons. Pop-up restaurants are in vogue now. In some cases, you can use your home. The price you charge per person is up to you. You can search and see what others are charging for similar events. There are lots of challenges that come with maintaining or creating a beautifully designed garden.

A niche such as drought tolerant landscape would be wise to focus on. Hobbies that make money allow you to earn money doing what you love. Succeeding in this space requires a strong entrepreneurial mind and dedication to making it work. My goal is to help you escape the cubicle and work anywhere you desire.

Learn about making money, solopreneur business ideas, side hustles, and how to market yourself or business. Subscribe to receive info fresh off the press. You will learn all about money making opportunities. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn. However that first year was an extreme a roller coaster ride type of experience. Now that I have some distance from it I can reflect on what I did right, and distill down the key lessons learned for your benefit. I also saw that Mixergy.

In the months before I started the company, I was essentially broke. I had graduated college the summer prior and after my previous startup failed to gain real traction, I moved back home with my parents. I knew I had to do something. I dabbled with starting up my previous company again.

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After an extended period of reading, thinking and also thanks to a mentor of mine who helped guide me through the process, I managed to figure out the next step forward. I decided I would start a web design company. We stuck to design and branched out a bit into development since that fit nicely with our future vision.

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I stuck to the original idea I started with. I just kept building on top of that one core nugget of gold.

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Here I am creating something new that I haven't created before, I'm making mistakes, I am realizing that I'm doing things that I don't probably like the result of, and so now I'm needed to figure out how to get myself onto the path that I want and the solution to that is changing my thinking, as is the solution to any problem. In addition to relaxation, reading a book can bring inner peace and serenity very large. The old salary after tax was around 57k. Like you said, I'm just too deep in there, right? You can do the same. Yes, of course, there is.

The team and I were so passionate and excited about our mission and the long term vision that we would regularly churn our cool graphics like this one. Hold on that idea and that energy as long as possible. As you might know, I write regularly on this blog about email marketing and the importance of building your email list. First, I put together a list of several hundred contacts whom I had met and emailed with at some point over the course of being a college student and in running my previous business.

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The email was simple and direct. This happened repeatedly. Each time I sent out a new newsletter that first year, people would respond with referrals or inquiries.

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In addition, those first few months were some of the most stressful because, as a solo founder, I had no one to rely on or talk to. But with practice I learned which events were best to attend if I wanted to reach my target audience.

For example, I found that volunteering to speak in front of groups was one of the best ways to generate more interest and leads. On a few occasions we would do hourly work for clients and in other cases we would do fixed budget projects. So as the client requested more revisions, our profit for the project shrank more and more. I made sure to always calculate in advance how much cash should be left over so that we could pay for overhead costs, rent, have some left over to reinvest, as well as build our cash reserves. Key takeaway: always be profitable, calculate profit into the pricing equation up front.

We had no marketing plan to speak of. Even though I recognized this as a problem early on, my mistake was not acting to head-off the coming drop in revenue after the projects we were working on were completed. This was my response to the increased risk of relying on a few major clients to bankroll most of our company. The development team kept missing deadlines and I was too mentally invested in taking the business in this new direction to make the smarter decision.