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A Clockwork Heart
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So many great moments I don't know where to begin. One minor point - Is there any way to turn off the music box in the armory? I love the music but it is unnerving to have it on for long periods. Thank you for this wonderful effort. One of my favorite mods ever, for any game. Yes, you can turn all the music boxes off. The one in the Armoury is intended to clue you in on the location of a secret room; have a look around in the museum area. Thanks so much!

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That makes so much sense as everything in this mod is so carefully thought out. Raishokapik member 1 posts 0 kudos. I'm at the place where I'm supposed to fight Shadow, But there's no one there I tried to take all objects, I looked at all the openable sarcophages but nothing happened Is it a bug or did I just missed something? You need to follow your ears to a particular sarcophagus and open it. Miyamura member 3 posts 0 kudos. So, I've played the whole quest and I really love it. I'm surprised that I ever loved a lore friendly mod lol!

Does Shadow kill people? What the hell was she up to in those tunnels, if she supposedly wanted to stay close to Lamashtu? Lamashtu's description of her Shadow seems far less sinister than the pale creepy lady we saw in the tunnel that can apparently freeze time. Did it have a mind of its own? Was it sinister? Did Lamashtu absorb what it saw and what it did, and could Lamashtu technically tell us what happened to Camilla if Shadow did kill her?

There are several layers of meaning in Clockwork. Just spelling it all out would be no fun though; I kind of want people to work that sort of thing out themselves.

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On all the bones in the Velothi Tunnels though; there are a number of hints that all is not necessarily as it seems there. A morbid kind of 'bone mill' perhaps? Was the Amalgam dude trying to mass 'harvest' souls?

And discarded of the bones as he did with his own body? That huge amount of corpses does seem like it would indeed form an amalgam of souls. He does talk about us 'not being compatible' so it seems like maybe he's tried messing with non dwemer souls. The second would be that they're the bones of the massive amounts of people who had died in the collapses, and maybe Ludwig or someone else wanted to stash the remains away somewhere down there as well so nobody would find them.

My third guess would maybe be that they're all of the people who died in the Sickness Ward who weren't gilded and weren't soul trapped, and someone moved the skeletons or corpses up there once the mausoleum passage was breached, gilded or humanoid. Or if we assume that all dwemer did die as a result of Kagrenac attempting to use the heart of Lorkhan, are they possibly dwemer remains housed there?

Anyway props to doing the writing so damn well that people are still speculating after years :D. He swallowed back his longing and returned to his beer, allowing the familiar mask to drop in place. Evie Steele spotted her brother the moment she entered Triple B. Over two hundred pounds of muscle and shaggy blond hair was hard to miss, even in this lunch crowd.

There he was. Every bit as tall as Britt, but with the sleek, muscled planes of a leopard rather than the thick sturdiness of a tiger. Curly ebony hair shaved close at the sides and back and tamed at the top by a hint of hair product. To feel their softness whisper against her bare breast.

Evie shook off the erotic fantasy before she made a fool of herself in front of the good residents of Steele Ridge. Instead, she braced herself for their reunion. At the moment, she was quite unhappy with him. But Deke Conrad could charm the cantankerous out of any farmer and he had every woman in town holding their breath for one of his lopsided grins to float their way. Especially to her. She ached to draw imaginary lines over his broad, bare back, to trace her lips down the center of his glistening chest, to inhale his musky, masculine scent as her tongue explored his most intimate parts.

The big lug refused to see her as a beddable woman. Scratch that.

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At that time of the day, silhouettes from inside the house reflected onto the glass, giving her fair warning should any of her brothers try to sneak up from behind. Deke had. Even now, years later, her flesh heated, her breasted tightened, her center dampened at the memory. Knock the fog from his eyes. But the next morning, the scaredy-cat had disappeared.

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No getting around it. Hotel Crown Inn Karachi 3 stars - based on 1 review s. Keyboard attack you? Blake Crouch is an American novelist and screenwriter best known for The Wayward Pines Trilogy , which was adapted for television in Famous Funnies had the occasional original material, but it was rare and typically used as filler. It all started out with the best of intentions, but in the end, I had the blood of four innocents on my hands.

His dark gaze honed in on her across the bar. A spin top tore across her chest, then idled on her stomach, burrowing deep. She slapped the damn thing away. Who disappeared after a first kiss?

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Too many loved ones had ditched her over the years. One come hither-glance from those iridescent eyes, and all her hard lines would go limp like a spaghetti noodle. No getting around it. She was a hot mess when it came to her feelings for Deke Conrad. Still painful when you bend it? As she wove her way to the bar, several diners gave her quick waves, big smiles, and warm hellos. She mustered a half-hearted acknowledgment. No words could get past her air-locked throat.

She met his gaze. Held it long enough to determine whether or not he remembered their kiss. Those ice-blue eyes held the same warm friendship they always had. No longing. No passion. No glimmer of hope. She let the issue alone. Britt would always look out for his younger brothers and sisters. No matter their age or economic status. Heck, Jonah was a billionaire and Britt still tried to buy his lunch.

His expression remained neutral, but his eyes…his eyes revealed…loss. Her throat closed at the small tell of his feelings.

Clockwork Heart (Clockwork Heart, #1) by Dru Pagliassotti

Why loss? Breaking eye contact, he lifted his beer bottle to his lips. A little me time before classes start up? A strange hollowness filled the area where her heart used to be.

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Why did he persist in ignoring this thing between them? Why did she let him? I settled for 4.

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Clockwork Heart exceeded all of my expectations to become one of my most enjoyable reads this year. A note before we start: Despite being steampunkish, Clockwork Heart 's steampunk is relatively subtle.

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Clockwork Heart book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The child Caleb was born into the world at 3am on December 21st in. Clockwork Heart (The Nexus Book 1) - Kindle edition by Scott Lovesy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features.

There are definitely aspects of it - Cristof's obsession with clocks, the "punk" element in movements against the upper caste as well as the engines that keep Ondinium running smoothly - but it's all woven in so well that it's not in your face screaming, "Hey look, this is steampunk! That's perhaps one of the few weaknesses in this book, if I had to nitpick. Frankly, the explanations of punch cards, engines and how all those gears contributed to Ondinium's political and social functions went over my head completely. This is not to say that Pagliassotti commits the horrible crime in science fiction of whopping readers over the head with technicalities - she never does.

However, since the explanations of its workings go by pretty quickly and not even Taya or Cristof fully understood them, the reader comes away with the impression that the engine isn't really that crucial.

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Some characters comment as much; that Ondinium is like a clockwork engine and each citizen a gear. Losing one of them might make the engine stutter a bit, but they're replaceable and the loss certainly won't make the system malfunction. It would have been nice if the engine aspect had been better set up, so that the terrorist attempts to disrupt Ondinium via the engines would have held a greater sense of urgency. Similarly, further background on the Demicans and Alzanans in particular might have made their interest in Ondinium more The world of Ondinium is a fascinating one, however, despite how little we understand of its external neighbours.

Divided into three sectors - Primus, Secundus and Tertius - and occupied by three castes, the system reminds me very much of a fantasy version of Rome. It certainly helps that the lowest caste, who make their homes in Tertius, are referred to as plebeians!