Father, Family Protector

Father, The Family Protector
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James Stenson

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Protector of Christian Family Life

In Father, The Family Protector, Educator James Stenson explores how fathers exercise their powerful and particularly masculine contribution to family life. Father, The Family Protector Paperback – November 1, ​ In this companion work to his book Compass: A Handbook on Parent Leadership, James B.​ Stenson explores how Fathers exercise their powerful and particularly masculine contribution to family life.

Find the right size: Compare these measurements with a similar product you have at home. Place the product on a flat surface to get the best results. A — Length in inch. Size A inch B inch C inch S. About this design. Husband father protector hero men family. You are the hero of the family. A proud husband, a good father, a courageous protector and a reliable hero.

What about David committing adultery? Sampson telling Delilah his secret? Esau giving up his birth right for a bowl of soup? Solomon, the wisest of all men, marrying with other nations that God forbid. What about Judas willing to betray Jesus with the temptation of money… So do not think that temptation describes woman as being a weaker vessel. The only two major weaknesses that woman have in far greater measure than a man is being physically and emotionally weaker. Not intellectually and spiritually weaker and men need to realise this.

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In many cases, woman are far more intellectual and spiritually stronger than men, why? They can be emotionally more discerning, and have a sharper intuition than a man a times. Women are generally softer and often allow the Holy Spirit to work with and through them, more effectively than what men do. When seeing your wife as the weaker vessel, it means that you need to honour her as the weaker vessel, physically and emotionally. Not one who is weaker in being able to offer council, wisdom and direction, and not one who can hear God less clearly than you.

Many men need to get godly perspective on this and give their wives more credit than what they do. Phil 4 Vs 8: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

As men, how do you protect your family based on this scripture? Are you a bringer of bad news that distresses the family? Do you protect your family from fear or do you instigate it — For example, hearing about the murders and crime etc stating that unfortunately we are screwed in this God forsaken country and that there is no future for the white man, or do you bring your family back to the Majesty of God, with his promises over your lives and fruitfulness? Do you remind your family that for e.

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God says in Jer 29 vs 11 that he knows the plans He has for us, plans to give us a hope and a future? Plans to prosper us and not to harm us? Something that was quite a shocker of a revelation to me the other day, was something that God dropped into my spirit. This is so obvious, well at least should be, but we do not live to this. It is uncompromising and cross cultural. He said to me that whatever His standard is for a child, is the standard He sets for all.

His standards are not subject to gender or age as He is a perfect and righteous Father, in absolute holiness. What does this mean? Rom 16 vs 19 Be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil. Do you protect your sons from vulgar music videos with half naked men and women dancing seductively and flirtatiously? In boys, you all will know all too well that this stimulates interest to see more and want to find more, to be exposed to more and even try find a way of being a part of it in various ways.

The areas you compromise on as a dad, are the areas you compromise you protection in, and who then becomes responsible to intervene when necessary?

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When we look at the very important ways a man protects his family, we can better understand the dire effects in today's families caused by the man's absence — either physical or moral — in family life. At those moments when we need him the greatest, he is there. I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice. If your father was not able to fulfill the role God intended for him to fulfill then you have likely suffered heartache as a result. He chose men to be leaders, not to fulfill their own selfish desires, but that they might serve those entrusted to their care and even be willing to die for them, as Christ died for His Bride, the Church.

How do you as a Father protect your sons in relationships? Teaching him that you do not go out to see if that lady is going to be your wife, but rather teaching him to find his best friend and marry her, someone who loves God with all her heart. Not only do you protect your children, but that protection extends beyond your immediate family to your future son and daughter- in-laws. You protect them from issues or carrying issues that your children have instigated through compromising themselves before marriage.

It is such a weighty and sobering responsibility to see the big picture when protecting those God has entrusted to you. Girls - music videos. Again, it is not a popularity contest.

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Fathering is not easy, but you will be accountable for what you choose to ignore or what you choose to address. Do you protect your daughters in what they wear before they leave the house, or are you rather influenced by society in dictating to you that your children need to express themselves and be individuals? Do you compromise on protecting for the sake of keeping the peace? Do you protect your daughter by communicating and spending quality time with her often, so that she knows she has a protector who understands her?

She is discovering who she is and wants someone to look up to who can give her assurance and direction. Make sure you as a father are the only one giving that to her. Every girl is looking for a hero. Be that hero, the ultimate standard, the one with expressed God given authority, and the one who loves her unconditionally. How do you protect your children in relationships? God will reveal and bring revelation to your children in this area without them having to find it in an ungodly and unwise way if you as a father help them find their identity in Christ and get the proper council and wisdom from an earthly Father as God directs you.

Their love for God and the acceptance and confidence in who and what they are and where they are going will override any desire to sin against God and their own bodies, but you as a Father need to lay that foundation. Remember that God has entrusted you with the protection of your children. No matter how self-confident or strong willed a child is, or how persuasive that they have found someone great, you are still accountable to protect them, and realise that they are not always mature enough to make wise and godly decisions, so you have to be there for them until the very day they leave the house.

Do you protect your wife and the females in your life?

ingarleco.ga Remember that man was inherently given that protector instinct, and this is not something coming naturally to a woman, so a woman who is not protected will either become aggressive or nasty to defend herself or selfish and will be perceived as one who is a little bitchy. Because she has to stand up for herself and assert herself in order to not be disappointed or hurt in anyway.

You, man, the protector

She must do what she must do to protect herself. Alternatively for a different personality type, she will withdraw, lack confidence, be confused and ultimately have a very low self esteem. If you are in a situation where your wife does not appear to be understanding you or respecting you, you need to ask yourself if you have truly been there protecting her.

Protecting her against irrational thoughts, low self-image, any form of neglect and disapproval, protecting her from working too hard for everyone with little or no appreciation. Do you protect your wife from stress, protect her from becoming someone who she is not… If you are having marriage problems or periodic conflict with your wife, I suggest you just spend some time with the Lord to let Him show you if there is anything you need to change. Marriage problems are two sided, but as a man, this is where you can start from your side, and find out where have you not been protecting your wife because this is usually where marriage problems start, besides the obvious of lack of communication, unmet expectations and pride from either side.

If a man shouts at his wife or calls her undermining names or insults her, at that very moment he chooses to attach her and not protect her.

FATHER ... The Silent Protector

It is possible to be in conflict situations with your wife with differing opinions and unmet expectations, but still in all of it, remaining her protector and not her accuser, displaying rejection towards her because she has disappointed you. Again the scripture says be considerate to your wives and respect her as the weaker vessel.

This scripture does not become null and void and no longer applicable when you fight or argue. Men have authority in the home and once you abuse that authority, that which is supposed to be a god given blessing becomes a threat and dangerous to the loved ones around you. A challenge to men? The is her calling and job. But, let us look deeper into this… David said in Psalm The help spoken of here is a protection from harm and support in being there no matter what to offer security and a partnership. Some Fathers are too proud to acknowledge and affirm their sons who do not noticeably achieve above others and are always striving in an unhelpful competitive way to be the best, because they see it as a reflection on them.

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It is not about their son, it is about them looking good what their sons achieve. If the son does not make the father look good, he does not get praised irrespective of the effort put in. Relationships: Some men boast, Oh my boy is so popular, all the girls are always after him, he has had so many girlfriends, such a charmer… No well in fact, that is shameful for a Father to say that, and means that he is not protecting his son and fathering well.