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Basically, Joel gets trapped in Spectraland and has to use his special abilities to defeat an evil warlord who is threatening to take over both Spectraland as well as the Earth. I think they would get along pretty well, actually. Joel is a bit more into his music and such, but they have some mutual interests that they could bond over.

My son would have Joel play some of the video games that he makes and Joel would love them. The book is aimed at a young adult audience, so around would be the age range.

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Also, I think that anyone with some kind of connection to the autism spectrum would find things in the book that they can relate to. Musicians as well. Well, it started out just as a fun project for me and my son. But after I finished writing it, I realized that I had created a fictional hero for kids on the spectrum — someone who saves the day with his special qualities, not despite them.

So my primary goal evolved into being able to provide these kids with a character that they can relate to and gain a sense of coolness and empowerment from. And for people without any connection to the autism spectrum, there would be an awareness element to it that they would pick up while just enjoying a fun adventure story. I would love to be in a position where I could help provide financial support to autism programs on a large scale. Just as one example, my son benefitted from a program at his school, and I think it would be great if something like that could be implemented everywhere.

Since Spectraland is a tropical island, I decided that a shell would be appropriate. Is anything in your book based on real life experience or is it purely all imagination? A lot of what Joel feels and thinks internally is based on my experience with my son and my own life, but most of the scenery and action is pure imagination. How long did it take for you to complete this book and what was your writing process? The first draft took four months.

I set a goal that no matter what, I would write four hundred words a day, regardless of how they turned out. Sure enough, I then spent over a year editing, revising and rewriting. Having been a songwriter most of my life, I like to pay extra attention to the rhythm and pacing of sentences and paragraphs.

Also, I try to keep things visual, fast-paced, and fun to read. Probably the final climax scene. I actually wrote a draft of that scene before any other part of the book. I understand that your book launches on July 17th, available early online!!! Where will readers be able to go to pick up a copy? Initially, readers can buy a copy from Amazon. No cover, all ages, and free cupcakes while they last.


Bring the kids! Autism Empowerment is also quite excited to be at both Launch Parties and will be bringing literature and information about our organization to each event. Please stop in and say hi! I understand that your book is first in The Spectraland Saga.


Joel Suzuki gets a huge surprise when he bumps into his favorite rock star while walking down the street. You see, this particular rock star - multiplatinum bandleader Marshall Byle - is supposed to be dead. Secret of the Songshell: Book One of the Spectraland Saga [Brian Tashima] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Joel Suzuki gets a huge.

How many books do you anticipate in the series? Autism Empowerment is a fan of Belinda's work and invites you to check out and like her page and Facebook commun. There are many Parent Coalitions throughout the country.

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They are designed to help people with autism, developmental disabilities and their families with an array of services that: Link families with their natural support system, the community, and other families who have similar experiences. Help families to better understand and access the system. Respond to crisis. Involve families in decision-making at both state and local levels.

Provide current, accurate information and networking opportunities. Help new parent groups get established and serves as a resource for leadership in new and existing groups. They also help organize community meetings and forums for the purpose of educating, sharing and discussing issues of mutual concern. Growing up with a brother or sister that has a disability, whether that disability is mental or physical, visible or invisible can be a challenging yet very rewarding experience.

Secret of the Songshell: Book One of the Spectraland Saga - Brian Tashima - كتب Google

How do we minimize the struggles and tap into the joys? How do we make sure that all children in our family are having their needs appropriately met? Today we're pleased to welcome Genevieve Athens, President of Autism Lifespan Coach to Autism Empowerment Radio to share strategies with our listeners about providing support for siblings of all ages.

She has helped thousands of people connect to autism resources and services and is a well-respected public speaker. Do you have a budding or established artist in the family? The HeART of the Spectrum is a vibrant community art center based in Seattle, Washington dedicated to assisting individuals on the autism spectrum develop their skills and express themselves in a creative and safe environment. They offer mentored art sessions and inspire the language of ART, giving each student the vocabulary to be understood. Both Michael and Jack Carl are accomplished artists and happen to be on the spectrum themselves.

We are excited to be talking today with Sandy Silveria, founder of We're Outta Here Travel, an innovative travel service based out of Clark County, Washington which allows individuals with developmental disabilities to have a one-of-a-kind vacation experience that is customized to their special interests. Sandy is both travel companion and tour guide and she absolutely loves what she does.

In the 10 years of operating this business, she has taken clients on cruises, trips to Hawaii, trips to Europe, adventures to Disneyland and some interesting and memorable ventures which she will be sharing with us on Autism Empowerment Radio.

As an Aspie with her own special passions and travel interests, radio host, Karen Krejcha asked Sandy in advance if anyone ever had a special interest vacation that was different than most and she did say yes and has a fun story to share! Tune in! Clients of We're Outta Here Travel get the opportunity for relaxation, fun, dignity and acceptance. Sandy does whatever she can to make the vacation totally about the client!

Listen in as we take a virtual vacation together!

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In addition to her traveling experience, Sandy has extensive background working with the Clark County Developmental Disabilities Parent Coalition and is a well respected advocate, pioneer, mentor and trainer in the SW WA community. You may reach her at sandy woh-travel. They are parents to Joey Schadler, an inspirational Eagle Scout with Asperger's who overcame some tough challenges on his scouting journey and has mentored other scouts on the autism spectrum. We wanted to bring Cherie and Ron on air to share what their own journey has been like, both in parenting and homeschooling a son on the spectrum and in learning that they too self-identify as having Asperger's.

Cherie first learned about Asperger's when her son was 15 and realized that the characteristics described both her son and her husband.

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Get the item you ordered or your money back. They bring us as a community together mourning the loss of lives. Overview Joel Suzuki gets a huge surprise when he bumps into his favorite rock star while walking down the street. If you are living in the area and want to be added to the group, request to join and send an email with a brief intro to: PortlandAutismMoms gmail. ZIP Codes will ship for free with value shipping.

Later she realized as she learned more about the autism spectrum that not only does her son and husband identify with the spectrum but she does too, which has helped life make more sense and helped to explain some of the everyday struggles they faced with communication, socializing and how to best teach and parent their son. It has not always been an easy journey but through self-discovery, a long-lasting love for each other and the grace of God, they have made it through and want to share their journey so that they may be able to help other parents who may be experiencing similar circumstances.

Cherie and Ron met as children and married in They have a love for music, the outdoors and helping others. They are founders of Bayou Town Productions, a traveling educational puppet show that has been in business since Cherie is the author of "Welcome to Bayou Town!

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Spectrums Magazine premiere with Founder, Courtney Freitag. Spectrums Magazine was created by Courtney Freitag, an Oregon mom of a child on the autism spectrum. Courtney wanted to help individuals and families along the way in their autism journey and had a vision for Spectrums.

This free grassroots community magazine hopes to minimize much of the fragmented, siloed approach parents can experience with finding information and resources. Today, Karen with Autism Empowerment Radio sits down with Courtney to talk about the magazine's premiere issue which is being distributed in Oregon and Southwest Washington in late March and April Spectrums Magazine is the only of its kind in the region.

Combined with thoughtful editorial stories, Spectrums Magazine hopes to create a newsroom and archive of helpful news articles and information. Spectrums Magazine is a way to give back by building a strong community and fostering dialogue to find the positive in living along the autism spectrum. Listen in as we learn more about Courtney and her vision for Spectrums Magazine.

In the autism community, the word "recovery" can invoke a variety of emotions, some positive and hopeful, some skeptical and negative. So let's talk about that in an open, intelligent and respectful way. When their son was around the age of 2, he received an autism diagnosis.

As many parents do, Miriah and John set out to learn everything they could about autism. Almost four years of 40 hour weeks of in-home, on-the-floor, face-to-face autism therapy worked for him and their son's autism re-evaluation showed he no longer met the criteria for autism.

At 6 years old he is in a mainstream classroom and according to his teacher, indistiguishable from his peers. He is a socially appropriate, inquisitive and intelligent boy who loves to spend time with his twin sister and his friends. Now John and Miriah help other parents as well through individual consulting. John has a Master's in Education with an emphasis in Autism and is currently a high school teacher of students with learning disabilities.

Miriah is a stay-at-home mom, having taken a medical leave from her teaching career to take care of her son and consult with autism families. John shares, "children on the autism spectrum develop on a different trajectory than neurotypical children and those trajectories vary greatly within autism. But sometimes parents can significantly change their child's trajectory with effective early intervention.

Usually, even with early intervention, children continue to meet the criteria for autism. But their functioning - and therefore their futures improve. Brandi is well known in the Vancouver community as an active volunteer. Brandi and her family can often be seen participating in, volunteering for and supporting many local cross-disability acceptance events. She is a passionate and driven advocate and an amazing volunteer in the Southwest Washington community.