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Then the devilishly handsome PI Nathan Coleman enters her life and Lily begins to wonder if he might be the man she's been waiting for. He wants to ask Lily a few questions about a missing man, but suddenly someone - or something - wants Lily and her demon friends dead, and Nathan seems to know more than he'll admit to.

Can a sweet-talking mortal and a girl from Hell ever really find true love. Succubus In New York: Number 2 in series. The World According to Anna. The Abyssinian Proof.

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Especially when she's been doing it for three-millenia and wouldn't mind having a real relationship for a change. I'm not sure if there is a sequel planned. She wants a guy who will stick around. With all those advantages, any woman should be totally happy. You can really only put on the page about a tenth of the angst people might actually experience without making your characters seem weak, wishy-washy, whiny, irresponsible How many days can you be late to work without getting in trouble or behind? Lily can have sex with a man without kill him or steal his souls, unlike Georgina. I would suggest this book if you can handle the label-dropping and are looking for some casual beach reading this summer.

The Camel Bookmobile. The Light of Evening. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories.

From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. Self's Punishment. Your cart Close. Go Search. Download Image. Her boss is a middle-management demon with a thing for John Cusack movies.

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But dreaming about Seth will have to wait. I finally got this one off the shelf. I had seen some really good reviews for this book, but I was still hesitant to read it.

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Compre o livro Succubus In The City: Number 1 in series na confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados. Editorial Reviews. Review. Sleek, sexy and fun USA Today bestselling author Susan Sizemore Succubus In The City: Number 1 in series by [Harper, Nina].

A succubus as a heroine is an intriguing choice for a new series—but I was staying away for fear that this would mean an abundance of cringe-worthy bad paranormal romance type scenarios. Is this some kind of runoff for the Sex and the City generation?

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Does this bother anyone else? But I digress. Go figure. Georgina also happens to be a succubus with a conscience. As a succubus her own existence depends on the life energy she takes from her victims and each shape she shifts eats up some of her stored life energy—much like food for humans, Georgina cannot simply kick the habit, as she needs to have intimate contact with humans in order to survive. The poor guy has traded his soul, and in return will get deflowered—and to play the part, Georgina shapeshifts into a dominatrix demoness getup: whip, wings, and all to her supreme embarrassment, as demonesses are actually quite classy—and she makes her friend swear not to tell anyone about the whole scenario.

After finishing her job with the virgin, Georgina has a run in with the local Vampire boss—who happens to be a nosy, rude prick. Unfortunately for Georgie, the vampire turns up dead a day later. Someone begins killing immortals, one by one, all somehow linked to Georgina, and she is in a world of trouble.

Georgina has a day job, working at a bookstore as an assistant manager niiiice!

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After an embarrassing first meeting, Georgina finds her author idol Seth is not quite everything she expected; all that witty repertoire he injects in his book is absent from his awkward, aloof personality. And somehow, she keeps finding herself in awkward situations with him.

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I was completely surprised by Succubus Blues. Writing a succubus as a heroine is a tricky thing, but Ms. Mead manages to do this with flying colors. Georgina is a wonderful, likable heroine—despite being thousands of years old, she continues to make the same mistakes. At first, I felt that the character was unbelievable considering her age she was mortal back in ancient Greece …but as her story unfolds, including how exactly she became a succubus, thing start to make sense.

But the interplay between these two characters, and the slow growth of attraction and understanding between them is a wonderful thing. While Ms.

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I also very much enjoyed Ms. The theology aspect was well written and felt unique; again, no small feat considering a genre packed with fallen angels and all sorts of demons sex demons or no. Seth is completely inept at face to face social interaction. The Dr. Hyde dichotomy was funny, and rang so very true, especially in the context of cyberspace. Additional Thoughts: I enjoyed Ms. At one point, Seth tries to explain to Georgina that he acts rude or aloof or completely forgets what is going on sometimes because when inspiration strikes, he cannot deny it.

Methinks this explanation might have some deeper meaning for Ms.

In any case, I found it clever, and funny—I have a few creative type friends that frequently forget what day of the week it is because of being completely enmeshed in their work! Verdict: Excellent start to what looks to be a promising series. I loved Georgina, and especially loved the characterizations in this book. This one has enough tension and fantastic elements to appeal to Urban Fantasy fans, but also a good serving of romantic storyline to appeal to Paranormal Romance readers.

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I already have book 2 on the TBR shelf, and will eagerly be awaiting book 3, Succubus Dreams , in stores September 30! Thea James is half of the maniacal book review duo behind The Book Smugglers. By day, she does digital operations things over at Penguin Random House.