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Polanski is a master of menace and, working with a striking wintry palette that at times veers into the near-monochromatic — the blacks are strong and inky, the churning ocean the color of lead — he creates a wholly believable world rich in strange contradictions and ominous implications. Among the most initially confusing is Lang, a professional charmer whose beaming smiles, with their sinister undercurrent, and fits of rage convey depths that the Ghost soon begins to plumb, an endeavor that takes the shape of an investigation.


The parallels with Mr. Fingers are pointed, though sometimes it seems not only at Lang but also at Mr.

Polanski, who is under house arrest in Switzerland awaiting word on whether he will be sent back to Los Angeles to face sentencing for having had sex with a year-old girl in Polanski is having his fun. Unlike many modern Hollywood and Hollywood-style thrillers, which seek to wrest tension from a frenzy of cutting and a confusion of camera angles, Mr.

Polanski creates suspense inside the frame through dynamic angles and through the discrete, choreographed movements of the camera and actors. View all New York Times newsletters. Tracing the lines between fact and fiction makes for a dandy parlor game, one that Mr. Polanski obviously wants us to play, at least for a while, because such resonances have their rewards.

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But the pleasures of a well-directed movie should never be underestimated. The image of Mr.

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Brosnan abruptly leaning toward the camera like a man possessed is worth a dozen Oscar-nominated performances. And the way, when Lang chats with the Ghost — his arms and legs open, a drink in hand, as if he were hitting on a woman — shows how an actor and his director can sum up an entire personality with a single pose. Adult words and deeds.

Directed by Roman Polanski ; written by Mr. Polanski and Robert Harris, based on the novel by Mr.

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One More Chapter He knows I fell for a boy. Helena Park's is a successful author, but by no means perfect. The writing of a life story leading up to a climax and I was pulled along not really knowing what had happened but given glimpses. Polanski and Harris then turned to Harris' current best seller, The Ghost.

Running time: 2 hours. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. I won't describe what the Ghost searches for, but I will tell you that Polanski evokes Hitchcock in a conversation with an elderly local Eli Wallach and some forbidding beach scenes.

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The Ghost Writer is a Franco-German-British political thriller film directed by Roman Polanski. The film is an adaptation of a Robert Harris novel, The Ghost. Directed by Roman Polanski. With Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams, Jon Bernthal. A ghost writer, hired to complete the memoirs of a former .

And that he is masterful in the way he shows the dead former Ghost providing the new one with directions, so to speak, leading to a possible source. There is also a Hitchcock touch in visuals where an incriminating note is passed from hand to hand; the scene is so well done that it distracts from the fact that the Ghost didn't need the information in the note to arrive at the same inference. There are a few other loose ends.

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The film seems to have a high incidence of black cars designed to be used as murder weapons. It's far from clear what Ruth's emotional state is on one rainy night. The Ghost himself seems too much a lightweight to explain his daring sleuthing. But the performances are so convincing in detail that they distract us from our questions.

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McGregor's character has no family, little pride and much insouciance, but is very smart and doesn't enjoy his intelligence being insulted. And Olivia Williams projects the air of a wife who is committed to her husband in more than expected ways. It is a Well-Made Film. Polanski at 76 provides a reminder of directors of the past who were raised on craft, not gimmicks, and depended on a deliberate rhythm of editing rather than mindless quick cutting.

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The film immerses you in its experience. It's a reminder that you can lose yourself in a story because all a film really wants to do is tell it. Reviews The Ghost Writer. The actor, one of a. Popular Reviews Terminator: Dark Fate. American Dharma. Jojo Rabbit.