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Our first trip to Bisbee as husband and wife was to celebrate an anniversary, number 25, with a weekend at the historic Copper Queen, a hotel that has been in continuous operation since Two Guns is one of those places that leaves me wondering what the fascination is. It is in a scenic and historic location but there is something lacking, at least for us.

Perhaps it is its proximity to I that prevents the silence from enveloping us. I suppose you might say sharing these places with those who also find solace where the winds whisper the secrets of the past is my calling. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Welcome to Jim Hinckley's America. Your adventure begins here! Travel guides, travel planning tools, and much, much more.

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What was the reward for the climb up these steps in Stockton Hill? Endee survived the closure of the railroad, drought, the Great Depression, and the closure of the railroad but not the by pass of Route It was this scene and the forthcomig release of our book, Ghost Towns of the Southwest, that inspired a series of ghost town prints that are sold through the Lile Fine Art Gallery in Amarillo.

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We had a wonderful time visiting and learning more about how we each had spent the last fifty years. Instead of appearing to accept the apology, Olivier had finally told the truth. But his world collapsed around him when he was accused of the same crimes as the monsters he hunted. Driver takes a risk in writing a story that is about environmental awareness. That we certainly accomplished!

At sunrise Bisbee seems to be a town suspended in time. Two Guns — land of broken dreams. Share this: Tweet Share on Tumblr.

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Like this: Like Loading It is an odyssey seasoned with fascinating people, and memory making discoveries. As made evident by the publication of fourteen books on subjects as diverse as diverse as Ghost Towns of the Southwest, The Illustrated History of the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company, Travel Route 66, Backroads of Arizona, and The Route 66 Encyclopedia, I enjoy sharing adventures and helping people plan for their own memory making journeys.

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Close Menu. But the quietly beautiful widow was nothi Simon Gilmore was back in town! And that meant trouble for Kit Davenport, who'd just gotten custody of her best friend's baby. Although he'd been strictly off-limits, Simon had always held a cherished place in Kit's heart Bill Harper had to be stopped. Eloise Vale didn't care if he was the mayor of New York -- he was about to cut funding to her precious birth center! He was also her once-upon-a- time lov Years ago, Leah Hayes selflessly stepped aside when John Bennett fell for her vivacious stepsister.

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Now the man she still secretly cherished was ravaged by grief and struggling to raise his fragile little girl all alone. Unable to deny the lure of th Who'd left a baby on her doorstep? And what was solitary, small-town schoolteacher Megan Cahill to do? Naturally, she'd nurture the abandoned infant. But she'd need the police to help locate the real mom Single Mother-To-Be?

Abby Summers, proud, pregnant Now home on leave, the devastatingly handsome And she hoped to have all the time in the world to change his mind about his no He lived quietly, raising his son, Brian--until a mysterious woman appeared on his doorstep. Suddenly history came tumbling back--and threatened to bury Gabrie Kari Gray had often dreamed that she'd see Alex again.

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In the ten years since he had walked out on her, she'd been tormented by memories, by questions without answers. Now, suddenly, Alex was back, but it was not the romantic reunion Now she was desperate to save her young son from her enemies--desperate enough to turn to shady, enigmatic Devlin Gray for help. What she needed was a bodygua Christmas was coming, complete with mistletoe, merriment - and way too many memories for reclusive young widow Alison Kent. Luckily, she'd gotten an assignment in far-off New Mexico.

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The Journey Continues (The Whispering Winds Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Kevin Deane. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones . The Journey Continues (The Whispering Winds Series Book 2) eBook: Kevin Deane: Kindle Store.

There, no one would gaily intrude upon the hollow ache inside her. It was six years since Tess McGuire had seen her baby Soft-spoken, good-looking Will Landon was asking for her trust Drugged, then kidnapped and held prisoner on a small boat s All auto mechanic Dominic Fabrino had in common with prim professional Martha Townsend was the clunker of a car she entrusted to his skillful hands.

He'd do well to remember that the lady herself was strictly hands-off.

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Her kind demanded high-test fo Fifteen years ago, youthful fears and stubbornness had torn Jenna and Blake apart. Blake had built a life in Boston, but a part of him still ached for Jenna.

Jenna had stayed in the Minnesota wilds--but secr Widower Mackenzie Harrow knew his Whispering Wind dude ranch could withstand the raging storm outside, but all hell would break loose inside if Maggie Connor didn't end her stay there soon. Her elegant voice and classy ways were just too attractive! After deserting her fifteen years ago, Lucas Hunter was back--at just the wrong moment. Her quiet life had been turned upside down, an Major Joseph Cortez had ordered the retaliatory gunfire that raked several enemy soldiers.