The Key to the Mysteries

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Errie and scathing and at the same time, uplifting and beautiful. This is not music for music fans. This is music for people who have a deep appreciation for art that is spiritual and.

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The Key of the Mysteries

(LA CLEF DES GRANDS MYSTERES) BY ELIPHAS LEVI THE KEY OF THE MYSTERIES ACCORDING TO ENOCH, ABRAHAM, HERMES TRISMEGISTES. Eliphas Lvi was steeped in the Western occult tradition and a master of the Rosicrucian interpretation of the Qabalah, which forms the basis of magic as.

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Notify me. He is, in fact, no longer talking of the fixed and universal. He is beginning to see something of the contradiction inherent in things, or at any rate, he constantly illustrates the fact that the planes are for practical purposes, although in the final analysis they turn out to be one. Subtle and delicate irony of which Eliphas Levi is one of the greatest minds baffled the pedantry and stupidity of such commentators such as Waite. Aleister Crowley show more. People who bought this also bought. Add to basket.