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A year-old college-educated insurance salesman, Mr. Wang has a flawless set of white teeth, a tolerable karaoke voice, and a three-year-old Nissan with furry blue seat covers. But by the exacting standards of single Chinese women, it seems, Mr. Wang lacks that bankable attribute known as real property.

They offer the same half-prurient, half-moralizing thrill as the urban legends of girls leaving nice dates to screw their supervisors. Like them, they also tend to lean heavily on hard-to-verify anecdotes and conversations carried out in English.

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In general, American coverage has tended to be less misogynistic than the Communist Party propaganda. But even as they offer affirmation, it is hard for feminists to avoid playing to the same fears that the Communist Party propaganda mongers. Every article that I have read in English treats the leftovers and gold diggers as peculiarly Chinese phenomena, characterizing China roughly as Chinese propaganda characterizes women: as either hapless or ruthless. Parents and children frankly considering material questions before marriage appear old fashioned, signs of a lag in the march toward modernity that economic liberalization started.

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At the same time, extreme cases like the BMW Lady evoke a frighteningly liberated future, where the last protocols tying sex to permanent commitment, via romance, have disappeared along with the last soft-hearted protections against inequality, environmental crisis, food contamination, etc. In fact, Chinese women fascinate American editors and readers not because they are foreign, but because their story sounds familiar.

For New York Times readers, the only sexier click-bait than sex may be the idea that everything is measurable, a market, and China is the biggest of all.

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Few stories seem more most-emailable, therefore, than those about the peculiar mating habits of newly rich Chinese. Their methods can turn into gaudy spectacle. One firm transported would-be trophy wives to a resort town in southwestern China for the perusal of one powerful magnate.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. I have memory of my young grandchild being with me at the time of my mother's death. How difficult it is to be the. VALENTINE GUFFAW (Short Stories - Social Issues) eBook: Audrey Austin: Kindle Store.

Manohla Dargis. Hill is seen in a context of power as she speaks in front of rooms full of women in her new role as an activist. Miriam Bale. Written by Andrew Dodge, the movie has a tough exterior and a marshmallow center and while it would be something to see Mr. Jeannette Catsoulis.

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Stephen Holden. There is too much telegraphed inspiration, and not enough illumination, which is a shame since some of the issues Chavez faced could hardly be more timely. Craig Pat Healy is a young father who is desperate for money. He and a friend fall in with a rich man and woman who entertain themselves by issuing preposterous dares, and Craig and his friend become their playthings, to gruesome but amusing effect.

Neil Genzlinger. It is an inspiring story, but the movie, Mr.

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The books have simple stories and enchanting illustrations by Vincent that are characterized by graceful lines, muted colors and blurred edges, which focuses your attention on animals that, in their poignant delicacy, evoke Beatrix Potter. Maier is a terrific story — part Mary Poppins, part Weegee — and the movie is a solid if finally thin introduction to her. Tavernier has nicely translated to the screen.

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I'll sometimes go on the Underground in London, which I did the other day. McCartney explains that he didn't set out to do a portrait of one of his peers, he was just painting, and only as the work neared completion did he realize what his creation indisputably resembled: "It just looked like Bowie, and it looked like he was throwing up—there was nothing deeper than that. They even dressed him up like a douchebag. McCartney had to cut short our first meeting in London because he was flying to Liverpool that evening so that the next day he could film an episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. February 18, at pm UTC -6 Link to this comment. A little unfair.

Though the film explores a fascinating subject, the storytelling style is dry, static and even convoluted. At a very early age I married and before long my two daughters arrived. Having only a high school education I waited until my children were grown before going back to school.

I have also enjoyed other international travel but as a tourist in countries including Thailand; Korea; Bahamas; Bermuda; Columbia, Puno and Cartagena in South America. I have held several jobs throughout my life; primarily the positions of legal transcriptionist; teacher and psychospiritual practitioner in private practice.

I always wanted to write and I did write in a small way as a hobby but I never made any attempt at publication. It was not until I retired at an uncertain age that I finally made the promise to myself that I would fulfill my dream of being an author. Since that day I have worked very hard though it does not feel like work. I love creative writing and how can something one loves so much be classified as work?

I have written novels, novellas, short stories, some of which are in anthologies, and some, like Daniel, which dare to stand alone. The majority of my short stories deal with social issues. I have no diplomas or degrees in creative writing.