Vengeance At Port Royal (The West Indies Pirates Series Book 1)

Vengeance At Port Royal
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Blackbeard's real name is not definitely known, though he was generally called Edward Teach. Nevertheless, he is referred to in some documents as Edward Thatch or even Edward Drummond. He is thought to have been born in Bristol , but some writers claim New York , California , Philadelphia , or even Denmark as his home.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Vengeance At Port Royal ( The West Indies Pirates Series Book 1) at Read honest and. The story is set in the Caribbean during the era just before the Golden Age of Piracy. Before the first skull and cross bones was ever hoisted by any sea rogue, .

At the war's end in , Teach, like many other privateers, turned to piracy. Teach began as a pirate under Benjamin Hornigold. In , Hornigold retired, taking advantage of an amnesty offered to former privateers by the British government. Teach then took command of his own ship.

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During the next two years, Teach cultivated a reputation for cruelty, repeatedly preying on coastal settlements of the West Indies and the Atlantic coast of North America. However, historian David Cordingly has noted that the Scarborough' s log has no mention of any such battle. Blackbeard would plunder merchant ships, forcing them to allow his crew to board their ship. The pirates would seize all of the valuables, food, liquor, and weapons. Ironically, despite his ferocious reputation, there are no verified accounts of him actually killing anyone. He generally prevailed by fear alone. However, colourful legends and vivid contemporary newspaper portrayals had him committing acts of cruelty and terror.

Soon the men were coughing and gasping for air from the sulphurous fumes. All except Blackbeard scrambled out for fresh air. I'm a better man than all ye milksops put together! Teach had headquarters in both the Bahamas and the Carolinas. He lived on the island of Nassau where he was named the magistrate of the "Privateers Republic".

Governor Charles Eden of North Carolina received booty from Teach in return for unofficial protection and gave him an official pardon. He left Nassau to avoid meeting with Royal Governor Woodes Rogers , unlike the majority of the pirate inhabitants who welcomed the governor and accepted the royal pardons he brought. Blackbeard's chief claim to fame is his blockade of Charleston , South Carolina. In approximately late May of , Blackbeard entered the mouth of Charleston harbor with the Queen Anne's Revenge and three lighter vessels.

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He plundered five merchant freighters attempting to enter or leave the port. No other vessels could transit the harbor for fear of encountering the pirate squadron. Aboard one of the ships that Blackbeard captured in the harbor mouth was a group of prominent Charleston citizens, including Samuel Wragg. Blackbeard held these hostages for ransom, making an unusual demand: a chest of medicines.

West Indies Pirates

He sent a deputation ashore to negotiate this ransom. Due partly to his envoys' preference for carousing rather than bargaining, the ransom took some days to be delivered, and Blackbeard evidently came close to murdering his prisoners. In London, Morgan was seen as a national hero. But the main prize was Panama City, the richest settlement in the Spanish New World and a site of huge strategic importance.

Its capture would humiliate Spain and provide massive plunder.

Again, Morgan triumphed. The Spanish were routed in January , losing or men against just 15 privateer losses. But most citizens had time to escape with their valuable property. Before the main attack he had sent an advance party to storm a Spanish fort on the cliff overlooking the mouth of the Chagres River. He and the rest of his fleet arrived to find the British flag flying. It is the Satisfaction that archaeologists from Texas State University now think they have found. Having operated on a nod and a wink until this point, Morgan was now arrested, shipped back across the Atlantic and imprisoned in the Tower of London.

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When her father went through some bad business, he moved his daughter and himself from Ireland to South Carolina, and there, William made a new start for him and Bonny. At sixteen, Anne fell in love with James Bonny, a small time pirate, who was really only interested in her estate.

Because of this disapproving marriage, her father turned Anne out of his house. After being married to James for sometime, she fell in love with and ran away with pirate Calico Jack Rackham. Pregnant with Rackham's child, Anne was left alone in Cuba to give birth. It is said they had a lesbian relationship. After a struggle with the Royal Navy, the crew was captured. The crew was trialed and executed in Port Royal. Both Anne and Mary claimed to be pregnant, so they were not executed.

She later had eight other children with Burleigh. She died April 25, She was one of the first women to fight for the equality between men and women. Today, there are still pirates, and treasure is still being found under the waters of our vast oceans. Blackbeard still plays a very prominent role in history, as dose Anne Bonny, and many other pirates. There are also many books about them too, most of which romanticize their stories. Work Cited Hitchcock, Shannon. Gale Learning.

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Lady Pirate. Women Pirates, Eight Stories of Adventure.

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