Winter Howl (Sanctuary Book 1)

Winter Hike & Howl
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The trips will invigorate you and inspire you to continue strengthening your hiking skills. Three to five hours is standard. Prepare for the trip by jogging three miles or exercising two or three days a week. Plan on getting starter miles under your belt. Weather conditions can be quite different from the city in the mountainous regions we visit.

Winter Howl

Temperatures can be expected to be quite cooler as we head north or to higher elevations and we'll likely encounter more snow accumulation between early winter and spring. Keep your eyes out for an email from our team a few days in advance of your trip. That email will provide updated weather conditions and will alert you to anything additional you should put in your pack to prepare.

Your guide will also make sure you have the necessary gear, such as snowshoes or microspikes, so you can have a great day in the snow. We head outside in any weather, as long as we know it's safe, and we don't let a little snow or wind ruin a chance for an adventure.

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Upgrade Now. About the trip. Your Guide. Share Trip. Union Square Broadway at East 18th Street. Trip Details Planning Book Trip. What's Included. You may also like…. Throw your birthday to the wolves! Guests will celebrate by creating "presents" for the WCC's Ambassador wolves and will learn about wolf behavior. With wolves, vultures, and open skies, we're New York's version of Yellowstone!

Beautiful Black Wolf Zephyr Howls in the Snow

We had an amazing time learning and watching the wolves. The staff is very friendly and helpful too. Seeing the Ambassador Wolves up close was a spiritual experience and the staff was amazing and knowledgeable. The Himalayan wolf is an evolutionarily distinct wolf lineage found in the high-altitude habitats of the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau in Asia.

This wolf lineage has been largely overlooked until recently by science and conservation. But we are now learning based on the wide evidence that they deserve taxonomic recognition and require conservation action. The online auction will run until P. All online items…. The strength of the wolf is family!

Wolf Haven is a Sanctuary

Cooperative living gives wolf families a number of benefits — it facilitates successful hunting, pup-rearing, defending pack territory, and more. This Mexican gray wolf family is eleven members strong…. At about six and a half months of age, Mexican gray wolf pups have undergone dramatic growth and have disproportionately large paws and heads. Their eyes have changed from blue to striking yellow-gold, and their winter fur and adult guard hairs are apparent.

Winter Hike & Howl — Discover Outdoors

Designed by the pressures of nature, wolves are well adapted to survive, and thrive, in a variety of landscapes. What qualities allow them to be top predators?

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Learn more about wolf superpowers! Learn more! As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. Why do wolves tolerate ravens as dinner companions? Could it be that wolves and ravens are hunting partners who share the spoils?

Research by Bernd Heinrich of the University of Vermont demonstrates that ravens and wolves are close collaborators. In fact, his research from Yellowstone Nation Park revealed that during the winter season ravens were….

During the 20th-century, coyotes Canis latrans colonized eastern North America and then formed 2 distinct variant populations in the northeastern and southeastern regions that are morphologically and genetically different from western populations. In the past 15 years, we have expanded our knowledge of eastern coyotes in the areas of ecology, morphology, genetics, hybridization, and efficacy….

Earlier this year, the WCC observed a family of coyotes on our wildlife cameras nearly every single night. Most frequently spotted were the breeding pair — a tan and gray male…. We are a non-profit that relies on donations from donors like you to complete our mission of education and conservation. We need your help to make our voices heard.